Dark Souls Soundtrack

by Level9999

Dark Souls is one of the most celebrated RPG’s this console generation. Championed by the player for its unforgiving difficulty and relentlessly dark and brooding atmosphere, it had everyone captivated.

The From Software developed game was dripping with atmosphere with its barrenly dark medieval setting, yet while strangely secluded and mute at times, it was the soundtrack that really gave the many boss encounters life.

Ranging from outstanding orchestral pieces, complete with a bravado of thrashing symbols and horns to the melancholy and ambient moments full of sparse chimes and haunting vocal themes.

It could be said that the soundtrack when listened as a stand alone piece, could be hard to muster but given how the composer Motoi Sakuraba effortlessly entwined the tracks with both the cruel and the gentle sadness involved in Dark Souls narrative, there ends up being something more to listen to. In each track theres a beautiful underline melody, which inevitably grows on you.

Also included in this soundtrack is a utterly brilliant piano composition ‘Gwyn, Lord of Cinder,’ a track unlike any before on the soundtrack it can catch you off-guard but its easily the most accessible of the tracks. I myself have had it on repeat for far too long.

In recommending this soundtrack, i would say that much like the game you should approach this music cautiously, take a seat by its emotional flame and envelop yourself in something truly glorious.